digital lighting controller

The OCL X-series, with extremely powerful and higher PAR output than traditional fixtures, ask for a smart controller. That is why OCL designed the world’s smartest and yet easy to operate lighting controller.

Unlike other brands, the OCL DLC-1.1 controller enables a combination of different types of ballasts. It is therefore possible to connect, say, an OCL XXL 1000Watt fixture with a 600 watt fixture on one and the same controller.

Back up battery

The OCL DLC-1.1 Smart Lighting and CO2-Controller includes a built-in clock and back-up battery with a 30-year lifetime.

Temp/Rh/Co2 sensors failure detection

All sensors (TEMP/RH/CO2) can be calibrated, it detects sensor failures and when a connection is not set-up properly a warning will automatically be displayed.

Customize RISE and FALL options

The DLC-1.1 simulates natural growing conditions with the “RISE/FALL” option, allowing plants to gradually warm up and cool down.

High temperature Auto Save Temp and Shutdown Temp

The “AUTO-SAVE TEMP” option can sense when indoor temperatures are getting too high and responds automatically by dimming the connected lamps, thereby reducing or even avoiding environmental stress and crop damage.

The “SHUTDOWN-TEMP” is an extra safety feature that will shut down all lighting in the room when the temperature is not reducing after the “Auto-Save Temp” has set in. Causes could be a malfunctioning extraction unit or climate control unit.
A manual resetting of the “SHUTDOWN TEMP” is then required to restart the system.

Be advised that the controller is not a replacement for climate control equipment, its primary use is only to prevent crop damage with the “AUTO-SAVE TEMP” and “SHUTDOWN TEMP” function.

Co2 Setting

With the “CO2-SET ppm” option, the controller not only manages the lights but the CO2-generators and cool CO2-installations can be controlled also.

When using an OCL DLC1.1 controller, no additional switch board is required.

Aux Box ready

With the “AUX BOX”, to be ordered separately, it is possible to connect a dehumidifier, extra ventilation or heating. The “AUX BOX” is equipped with a RJ12 UTP-connection and a 16A relay for 3.5KW controlled power.

Half force mode (checker board pattern)

The controller now ensures that the lamps switch off alternately with half-force mode (checker board pattern) The “A” and “B” port will now automatically change every 3 hours. When the half force mode is “ON” when the light timer is active, port “A” is opened and port “B” closed. After 3 hours, port “A” is closed, port “B” opened. We recommend connecting the “ODD” ballasts at port “A” and the “EVEN” ballasts at port “B” with a maximum of 40 ballast at port “A” and 40 ballasts at port “B”


• Easy programming
• Simple feel and use
• Half force mode
• Temperature monitoring
• Auto save temp / shutdown temp
• Customize rise & fall
• Co2 control
• RH monitoring
• Aux box ready
• Screensaver
• Sensor failure detection

Never before was it so simple to create the right climate for your plants!