What are the benefits of a TM21 test report?

A TM-21 test report offers several benefits to LED manufacturers, lighting designers, and end-users as it provides valuable information about the expected lumen maintenance of LED light sources over time.

Some of the main benefits of a TM-21 test report are as follows:

  • Lumen Maintenance Projection: The TM-21 test report projects the lumen maintenance of LED light sources over an extended period. It allows users to estimate how much light the LEDs will produce after a certain number of hours of operation, typically up to 6 times their tested lifetime. This information is crucial for making informed decisions in lighting design and specifying LED products for various applications.
  • Useful Life Estimation: By knowing the expected lumen depreciation rate, users can estimate the useful life of an LED source. The TM-21 test report helps to understand how long the LED will maintain a certain level of brightness before it reaches a specified percentage of its initial lumen output (commonly L70, L80, or L90).
  • Product Comparison: TM-21 test reports provide a standardized way to compare the lumen maintenance characteristics of different LED products. This enables users to evaluate and select LED sources based on their long-term performance, helping to choose reliable and durable lighting solutions.
  • Warranty Determination: For LED manufacturers, TM-21 test reports can be used to determine appropriate warranty periods for their products. Knowing how the lumen output will change over time helps set realistic warranty durations that align with the product’s expected performance.
  • Energy and Cost Savings: Understanding the lumen maintenance of LED sources allows end-users to calculate long-term energy savings and estimate the total cost of ownership. Efficient and long-lasting LEDs result in reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs over the product’s lifespan.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In some regions, TM-21 test reports may be required to meet certain regulatory standards or certifications related to energy efficiency and product performance.
  • Marketing and Confidence: Providing TM-21 test reports to customers demonstrates transparency and confidence in the LED product’s performance. It reassures buyers that the manufacturer has tested and projected the product’s lumen maintenance in a standardized manner.

Overall, TM-21 test reports are valuable tools that contribute to better-informed decision-making, increased confidence in LED products, and the promotion of more efficient and reliable lighting solutions in the market.

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