OCL Lighting Pro 4G + Wifi Touchscreen Controller

Introducing the next level of lighting controls with industry’s most precise temperature monitoring.

For and by growers

The OCL Lighting master controller was developed by growers and for growers.
With top mobile phone and tablet engineers leading our R&D team, we believe the OCL Lighting master controller is going to set new standards for years to come.

Up to 300 lights

OCL Lighting second generation touchscreen controller can control up to 300 lights equally split from two outputs. Unlike the old, the OCL lighting master controller can set completely unique, individual settings for each output.

Not only can you set the time of when you want your lights to go on or off but the 
OCL- Lighting Controller also offers asynchronous timer capabilities where you can trainyour plants to take on a shorter day than a 24-hour day. Certain strains can thrive more on shorter days!


Being able to dim your lights has been a standard in the industry for many years. 
Unlike what current lights are programmed to do, plants, when grown naturally outdoors, the great nature implements different natural occurrences to help wake plants up and put them to sleep.  Currently, when a light switches on its 0-100 like switching on a light switch and the same when switching off.  When that occurs, the plants go into shock, and it actually works against maximum yield!  With our ultra-gentle sunrise and sunset features, we can help mimic Mother Nature to help avoid plants from shutting down to adjust from absolute brightness to absolute darkness and vice versa.  Our sunrise and sunset features can be programmed automatically to any set programs you set within the OCL lighting controller.

Excessive heat in the case of temperatures rising above ideal ranges for your plants in the room can many times be a lingering issue. This may be caused by a broken-down air continuing unit, or summer temperature spikes. Most of the time, these temperature sensors are attached to the controllers itself with limited range, and we know, there are different hot spots in the grow rooms, therefore with only 1 or even only 2 probes at work, many times causing false alarms dimming or shutting off the lights prematurely, affecting plant growth.

Monitor VPD, CO2 and Humidity

We also have included optional accessories to connect to the controller for monitoring VPD, CO2 and Humidity. Understanding that we are in the lighting controller business, we made it extra simple.
With the OCL-Lighting controller, users can put a range of desired settings and the controller will simply turn on or off additional equipment just by plugging into our smart power connector.


  • Independent outputs for both gardens
  • Data logging feature
  • Compatible with any OCL Lighting controller ready product
  • Standard or Asynchronous timer options
  • Run two completely independant rooms or inverse a 12/12 schedule for consistent power draw
  • Controls up to 300 lights per controller, 150 lights per channel
  • High temperature auto dimming safety feature
  • High temperature auto shut off safety feature
  • Sunrise/ Sunset simulation mode
  • Cloud Mode (cloud cover simulation)
  • 4G + Wifi

Included accessories

  • 1x OCL-Lighting Controller
  • 1X OCL-Lighting Wall Mount Controller Base
  • 1x 120/240v 5V Adapter
  • 1x Temperature / RH Sensor
  • 2x 6.5 Ft RJ45 Cable (connection from controller to first ballast fixture or LED)

Recommended accessories

  • Co2 sensor
  • Plant temperature camera

(These are not included)

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We don’t boast about the efficacy of our LED fixtures
(even though we could…)

We show results!

@OCL we did all the thinking for you, so you can reap what you sow…

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