OCL SKWID 1900 Pro Led

The OCL SKWID 1900 PRO LED is the next level in professional fixtures with the ability for central control with the OCL Lightning Touchscreen controller. With OCL lighting systems you are in control of the light! The OCL SKWID 1900 PRO LED growlight offers an absolute market leading PPFup to 2070 μmol/s!

Why OCL is the best choice

  • High efficiency (3.04 μmol s-1 per watt)
  • Increased yield & crop quality (THC/CBD/Terpenes)
  • High output for high intensity
  • Top bin LEDS
  • Compatible with OCL Lighting Touchscreen Controller
  • FCC and UL8800 compliant, IP66 wet rated
  • Best average umol output design
  • Incredibly high PAR
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Passive cooling
  • Best thermal management in the market <45 degrees
  • 3 years full warranty


Form factor

The OCL SKWID 1900 PRO LED is a high performance energy efficient alternative to the traditional commercial 1000W DE HID fixtures.


OCL SKWID 1900 PRO LED is developed for growers by growers whose cultivation is in low rooms, on vertical racks, over rolling benches, and in tents. For maximum uniformity, hang the fixture 12-24 inches from the crop.

Efficiency and output

The efficacy of this fixture is very impressive at 3.04 μmol per watt. At 680 watts this will lead to 2070 μmol s-1 The eight bars are passively cooled in an extra wide shape to enhance spread and coverage. The absence of moving cooling parts, reduces the possibilty of mechanical failure.

External control

The OCL SKWID 1900 PRO LED is dimmable and delivers broad, full-spectrum light anywhere from 160w to 680w while maintaining efficiency. The dim switch on the driver makes it easy to control the light intensity. An optional OCL Lightning Touchscreen Controller can also be applied to achieve more complex dimming requirements.



When far-red is present, it:

  • increases plant biomass
  • encourages and triggers flowering
  • promotes plant stretching
  • enhances flower size and cell expansion
  • increases the efficiency of other wavelengths

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