Use Samsung LEDsto create the Perfect Grow Room

Industry-leading performances in photosynthesis

At OCL we use only top-quality components in our LEDs. The Samsung diodes are outstanding in the quality of light, the long lifespan of the units, and the results seen in the production process. They are therefore the best choice to enable you to create the perfect grow room.

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Outstanding Light Quality
Long Lifespan
Cost Effective
Samsung Full Spectrum Lighting

Why full spectrum white LEDs are better

Full spectrum solutions result in healthier, more balanced growth

Samsung’s white-based full spectrum LEDs include a green spectrum in addition to red and blue, which provides good photosynthetic transmittance. Full spectrum LEDs are better at stimulating photosynthesis, preventing disease, and making more bioactive compounds. The result is a healthier and more balanced growth.


Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

Cost effective

Unlock significant savings with our cost-effective full spectrum LEDs! Experience a lower initial investment compared to other supplemental lighting options. Our state-of-the-art Samsung white-based full spectrum LEDs not only provide industry-leading performance but also slash operational costs by minimizing energy consumption. Illuminate your space efficiently and economically with our cutting-edge lighting solution.

Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

Challenges in High Latitude Farming

Farming in high latitude regions faces a shortage of sufficient daylight, known as DLI (Daylight Integral). Adequate light supply is crucial for many crops, like tomatoes, that demand a minimum of 12 hours of daylight daily for optimal growth.

Daylight Sunshine Hours in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

Smart Investment Choices

Make a wise financial move with Samsung cost-effective full spectrum LEDs, boasting a lower initial investment compared to HPS lighting, narrow spectrum LEDs, and conventional full spectrum LEDs.

Indoor Lighting Solutions

Indoor Lighting Solutions

Tailored for plant excellence

Crafted with a specialized spectrum to boost photosynthesis and enhance plant development, Samsung’s horticulture LEDs are designed to optimize the growth journey. Leveraging a unique plant-centric spectrum, these LEDs emit the ideal 437 nm wavelength for plant flourishing. Achieve peak photosynthesis, stimulating robust growth and phytonutrient production, all while enjoying top-notch PPE that sets an industry standard.

Indoor Lighting Solutions

Elevating crop nutrition

Our distinctive plant-centric spectrum caters to both physical growth and nutrient enrichment in crops. The peak wavelength of 437 nm in this plant-centric spectrum enhances cultivation productivity, ensuring superior crop quality in every harvest. Taste is heightened, crops or fruits reach optimal ripeness, and nutritional values are maximized, resulting in an overall improvement in crop quality.

Samsung Indoor Farm Lighting Industry Leading Efficacy
Indoor Lighting Solutions

Indoor Farm Lighting with White-based Full Spectrum LEDs

Embrace the latest trend in full spectrum lighting for indoor farming—a more cost-effective, productive, and favorable solution.

Narrow Spectrum
Full Spectrum
Samsung Indoor Farm Lighting Full Spectrum

Vertical Lighting Solutions

Vertical Lighting Solutions

Exceptional PPE Efficiency

Experience significantly reduced power consumption without compromising on outstanding PPE performance with Samsung’s horticulture lighting featuring a plant-centric spectrum. Our LEDs provide the most energy-efficient solutions in the industry, empowering growers with unrivaled quality. Cultivate healthier, more nutritious plants while making substantial energy savings with our cutting-edge technology.

Samsung LEDsLM301H

  • Horticulture Lighting Solution
  • 0.56 μmol/s, 3.10 μmol/J @ 65 mA, 25°C
  • Anti-sulfurization

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